FULL SPEED AHEAD! Well almost……..

K9 BUDDIES are getting up to full speed, our Walkers are all out there looking after our wonderful doggies. Going back to work? Just give us a call and we will see what we can do make sure your dog is not left alone and gets plenty of exercise and stimulation.


Did you know that dogs are not colour-blind they discern yellows and blues called dichromatic vision but cannot see reds and greens they appear somewhat yellow to blue on their spectrum.

If you yawn then it is 4 times more likely your dog will too!

Greyhounds are a wonderful breed who can keep up long distance running at up to 35 miles per hour for up to seven miles….totally amazing whilst Cheetahs although incredibly fast can only keep their speed up for around 200 to 300 yards.

Dogs do rely on scent to know who has been before them and there are up to 300 million sensory receptors in a dogs nasal cavity and we as humans have only 6 million

High blood pressure? Get a dog it is common knowledge that petting a dog lowers your blood pressure and releases a relaxation hormone which cuts down on the level of stress.
Dogs have around 1700 taste buds which I suppose explains their appetite and cats have around 470.

18 muscles control the ears of a dog and we have only 6……..dogs can tilt and rotate their ears which helps funnel the sound into their inner ear far more efficiently, we can only slightly move our ears.