We do recommend that you walk your dog from a small puppy so that they are buy your side and not in front of you, this is the Alpha position which you need to adopt. Never let a dog go in front of you out of the door!

Your dog will understand the leadership position and it will help to take away stress that dogs do suffer when taking on the Alpha position. They can feel very secure if you are head of the family, they know where they stand in the pack and it helps to relieve a lot of behavioural issues they may have developed.

Dogs and Puppies need exercise and if they are not receiving the correct amount they will become nervous and it will affect them mentally.

K9 Buddies can exercise your dog along with other dogs, this certainly helps puppies to socialise, they enjoy chasing each other and playing it really helps to get rid of that excess energy.

If you’re looking for a regular, reliable dog walking service, call Jo at K9 Buddies today and arrange a home visit to discuss your requirements on 07976 230575.