Always remember that you need to walk your dog and not let your dog walk you. Allow your canine to walk in front of you while on a lead will only reinforce in your pet’s mind that the k9 is the dominant alpha in your relationship. Engendering this “leader goes first” mentality in your dog will always lead to unsavoury and unruly behaviour from your dog. Don’t be fooled by those who tell you that the problems with your badly behaved pet are just traits of the breed or his / her innate personality, because it’s not in most cases. It’s as simply that you have allowed your dog to dominate his/her owner.

You will have probably noticed that your dog is not as calm as other dogs who follow their owners, the reason that these dogs appear under control is because their owners haven’t allowed their canine to adopt the stressful role of pack leader. If your dog could talk, he’d tell you he doesn’t enjoy the job! So don’t cause your dog any stress when out walking. A walk is for you and your per to enjoy together. This is exactly where k9 Buddies local and experienced Dog Walkers in Shirley come into their own, using the appropriate techniques to help your animal behave in a way that you will both enjoy.

The positive aspects of dog walking are:

  • Walking, playing or running will provide mental stimulation and socialization
  • Frequent exercising is crucial for your dog’s physical health
  • Reduces behaviour difficulties and issues
  • Puppies benefit enormously from socialization
  • It can decrease your dogs excessive chewing
  • Our K9 Buddies Dog Walkers will walk your Pet in all weather conditions
  • Offers standard and vital workout for the dogs
  • You’ll be able to rest, reassured  your dogs are in secure hands
  • Peace of mind knowing you don’t need to rush home from work

If you’re looking for a regular, reliable dog walking service, call Jo at K9 Buddies today and arrange a home visit to discuss your requirements on 07976 230575.