K9 Buddies have noticed on face book so many dogs are going missing, lost or stolen which is really worrying and upsetting.

There are quite a few things that Blue Cross recommend you can do to increase the search for your dog

Call your microchip database and report your dog lost or stolen

Contact your local dog warden via your local council as they are legally responsible for stray dogs or dogs found wondering

Contact local dog charities and rescue centres

Post a lost or found dog on face book as most people will “share” it and also any local sites such as Next Door

Put posters up locally and put one in your car

Look out for any chalk or signs on the pavement or wall or gate outside your house as this could mean you have been tagged as “having a dog” and alerts thieves!

Please do not leave your dog in the car there have been so many dogs stolen from the owners cars whilst they are shopping

We know this is not an uplifting subject or a happy one but we hope it helps all those who are missing their “babies” and that they are found as soon as possible.