Dog theft has increased by 100% since last year it is so upsetting to see every day on Facebook people’s precious animals who are their “babies” and belong to them and their family stolen by ruthless individuals who really are only interested in the money they can bring in by stealing these lovely animals.

We have walkers in Redditch, Bromsgrove, Sutton, Solihull and Tamworth and we are constantly sharing posts of dogs who have been taken and also vans or people of suspicion who are around and about in one of the areas we cover.

There are things that you can do to help protect theft and you too, please take a look at the items below and get yourself set up so that you can try and prevent your dog being stolen.

Thieves can and do cut through leather dog leads… look at buying a chain lead

They bend down to stroke your dog and unhook it from the collar…….try a Carabiner Clip

To protect you and your dog if someone approaches aggressively get a Defence Spray they can spray a colour on the person which last 7 days and might deter them

Buy a Panic alarm to make sure people around you are aware of what is happening if someone approaches and try’s to take your dog

A Body Camera will more than likely deter them well worth the money if your dog gets stolen

The government should be taking dog thefts more seriously and criminals need to be punished properly,  we really hope this helps you to prevent your dog being stolen….be vigilant!

Take a look at the products we have added to show you what you can do!