It’s Christmas!

Christmas time is when we see the beautiful Poinsettia plants and they are given as presents so it is worth knowing that we should be careful if animals are around these plants. Poinsettias are known as The Christmas Star and can cause irritation to a dog’s skin although this is very rare and not usually severe and it is because the sap of Poinsettias contains chemicals.

Effects from Poinsettias are usually mild, these include vomiting, drooling, diarrhoea you may also notice redness or irritation of your dogs’ skin again mild symptoms.  These symptoms usually pass within a few hours, make sure your dog is drinking plenty of water and if you are concerned you can always contact your vet.

Holly and Mistletoe can also cause quite serious problems because they are toxic so please be careful if you do use these to decorate your home, keep well away from your beloved pets cats and doggies!

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