You must admit I am cute!  I’m Archie a Cavapoo and just 16 weeks old and my parents have had me since I was 12 weeks old so I have played with my 8 other brothers and sisters for quite a while so I know how to behave when I go out for a walk in the fields and parks in Solihull.  My Mom is training me but I like to bite her hand….well not bite but you know what I mean just a little nibble but it’s not my fault it’s my teeth!  They hurt and it helps if I bite down on my toys and I get mixed up with fingers and hands so you have to forgive me.

K9 Buddies are going to look after me while my Mom goes back to work so I don’t get bored and I am so looking forward to my walk and play in the garden with my toys, soon I will be bigger and stronger so I can go out walking for much longer and that sounds just great to me.